Akousti-Shield™ - Glass mineral wool blanket

  • Acoustical and thermal barrier for walls and ceilings

  • Flexible with black mat facing meets black surface requirements

  • Smooth, tough surface resists damage

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Akousti-Shield insulation is a flexible fiberglass blanket with a black mat facing adhered to one surface. It provides thermal and acoustical insulation while a smooth, tough surface resists damage during installation.
Manson Insulation Akousti-Shield is designed for use as an acoustical and visual barrier for walls and ceilings where a black surface is required. It is primarily used in theaters, sound studios, public concourses and other areas where acoustical treatment is needed. It is intended to be mechanically fastened to walls and can be covered with fabric or draping, or suspended above linear metal and metal pan ceiling systems to serve as both a visual and acoustical treatment.
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